Wealth and Impact Bootcamp

Learn how to grow your Wealth and Impact by increasing and monetizing your Value. Join this exclusive six-month program by application and interview only.

The community of Impacters and the course assignments will take you from success to significance. 

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Here is some of what you get in the six-month bootcamp

  • Learn How to Grow an Audience Exponentially 

  • Learn how to increase your Visibility and Value

  • Learn how to Monetize your value and create passive income streams

  • Gain Time Freedom and Money Freedom

  • Learn the Billionaire Principles to become financially independent

  • Build support for your mission

  • Discover and Live your Purpose

  • Learn the Bellringer Branding Principles

  • Learn the 20 Levels of Fame

  • Make your dreams of making a difference a Reality

  • Learn how to create a Movement

Who is Marcus "Bellringer" Bell?

Founder and Program Leader

Marcus Bell has marketed and promoted, produced, written songs for, mentored and developed some of the world’s superstars and brands.

Marcus' list of credits includes Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Shelita Burke, Timbaland, Amitabh Bachchan, Hadise, Park Jung-Ah, GALA, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Arista Records, Netflix, MTV, HBO, Discovery Network, EMI and Universal Music, to name a few. He has created music for internationally renowned brands such as McDonalds, General Mills, and Peter Diamandis (X-Prize, Singularity University).

He published an Amazon #1 best selling book, “Bellringer Branding Bible: The 5 Musician Branding Principles for Singers, Rappers, DJs, Music Producers, Composers, Writers, and Recording Artists.”

Not called on just by the entertainment industry, Marcus also coaches and trains people from all fields in increasing their visibility.

As a Social Media Influencer he has a mission to help uplift the uplifters. His own posts have generated over 300 million impressions and his network of influence reaches over 4 Billion impressions a month.

Here is the structure of your course:


The program includes a monthly webinar where you learn the distinctions and rules of Money, Celebrity, and Influence. You also will be able to join the work sessions and interact directly with Marcus Bell and the team on your offer.


The course assignments bring you to discovery and articulation of your true value... then on to planning for your Visibility, Impact, and Monetization. We give you the step by step process to create yourself as a cultural brand as well as build wealth.

support community

You gain access to the ambitious participant community on the private network and the weekly check-in calls to keep you accountable and on course with your aims.

Here is what people like you are saying about being in the Wealth and Impact Bootcamp...

"These are the three benefits I see... Expanding what's possible inside my offering and my stand for women, how to create wealth that doesn't trap me, but allows for my time freedom, becoming rooted in my brand, my offer, and creating clear way to articulate that to the world... The daily and weekly calls I have with community members contribute so much to me in ideas, encouragement, support, and connections! "

Carolina Reyes
Women’s Advocate and TV Personality

"The community is brimming with collaboration opportunities, and I can track my progress with transparency, seeing and celebrating the progress of others. My mind is expanding and focusing simultaneously… "

Maryl Petreccia
Best Selling Author, and Speaker

"I am learning how to monetize my 40-plus years of technology development experience and creating more freedom for myself by placing focused intention on controlling my time. "

Michael Wardlaw, PhD
US Naval Technologist and Lead Instructor, MIT

"I am inspired with new energy to create, design, and fulfill my destiny as an expression of the deep love in my heart. The program gave me the clarity to break through the barriers and self-imposed limits that I have used to hold myself back for over a decade "

Noah Gabriel Press McIntyre
Parkinson Thought Leader, Discover Gratitude Founder

"I have agency and autonomy over my life, access to fame, wealth, and impact… access to a community that is connected and that supports me. I am grateful to be chosen to be part of this work."

Alena Bernardi
Vocalist, Composer, Musical Theatre Influencer

"...Content that supports me in seeing clearly the value I have to offer the world and how to effectively communicate that and enroll others in it. "

Brad Neiman
Tech Entrepreneur and Communications Leader

"...More efficiency with time, being able to offer value to more people, and the tools to get, manage, and grow my and my community's wealth..."

Erik Hiltunen
Entrepreneur and Investor in Social Growth Initiatives

"Content, new thinking and perspective, group interactions and community... I'm grateful for this mastermind group.""

Anne Lawerence
Real Estate Investor and Influencer

Here are creatives of different types using the program to make an impact and build their wealth...

Nancy Carbonaro

Photographer and Entrepreneur


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Keyan Rahimzadeh

Architect and Experiential Music Artist


Marcus Bell + Celebrities (Kerry Washington, Forest Whitaker, Cory Booker, Shelita Burke)

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